Alberta RCMP debunk myths about reporting missing persons

The Missing Persons Unit of the Alberta RCMP is dispelling myths about filing a missing person report.

Police want people to remember that there is no defined time frame in which you need to wait before filing a missing person report. A search can begin as soon as the police are alerted.

Mounties encourage you to call from wherever you are and ask for help.

According to the National Centre for Missing Persons and Unidentified remains, 31,240 adults and 28,033 children in Canada were reported missing in 2021. Of these totals, police removed 60 per cent of missing adult reports within 24 hours, and 89 per cent were located within a week. For children, 67 per cent of reports were removed within a day, while 89 per cent were removed within a week.

When reporting a missing person, provide as much detail as possible, including recent photos and description and activity of the person.

Photos are imperative, according to Mounties. Recent images that are, ideally, straight-on profile, without filters that could obscure or alter their appearance. Additionally, any links to social media profiles are helpful.

To report a missing person, call 911 or your nearest police station.

If you have travel plans, be sure to let a family member, friend, or neighbour know in writing where you’re going, how you’re getting there, and how to reach you. When you aren’t following your usual routines, it is vital to your safety that someone knows your whereabouts and plans.



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