Could Victoria’s Michael Dunahee be alive?

Michael Dunahee’s parents still hold out hope their son is alive and will one day return to his family. It’s been 30 years since Michael vanished from near a Victoria elementary school playground in 1991.

“I picture Michael knocking on my front door saying he’s home with a family with kids of his own or without a family. I don’t know. Until they show us something otherwise then I think he’s going to be back, keep the hope going,” Bruce Dunahee says, imagining a reunion with his son.

Michael’s baby sister Caitlin was raised to believe she is not an only child. She tells people, “I have a brother, my parents have two kids, my brother is just not here.”

Caitlin is now a mother herself and would like to think Michael was taken by someone who wanted to parent a child.

“I hope he was raised by a family that couldn’t have children and they just smothered him with love,” she says.


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