Remains of missing Inuk woman Mary Papatsie found in Vanier apartment building

Ottawa police say human remains found in a Vanier apartment building under construction are those of a missing Inuk woman, last seen in Ottawa’s east end more than five years ago.

Workers at a three-storey building on Deschamps Avenue uncovered human remains in the building on Sept. 28.

“Digging at the location uncovered what are believed to be human remains,” police said on Sept. 29.

On Sunday, the Ottawa Police Service Homicide Unit announced the remains have been identified as Mary Papatsie.

Papatsie was 39 years old when she was reported missing in 2017. Police said Papatsie was last seen in the Vanier area on April 27, 2017.

“We extend our condolences to her loved ones and family,” police said in a statement on Sunday.

In July 2017, police said the Major Crimes Unit had taken over the investigation into Papatsie’s disappearance because of what investigators called “suspicious” elements.

Papatsie was originally from Nunavut, and moved to Ottawa. She was a mother of 10 children.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Ottawa Police Homicide Unit at 613–236–1222, ext. 5493.



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