Saskatoon mother accused of faking death, abducting child granted bail

Missing People Canada
2 min readSep 3, 2022


A Saskatoon woman accused of faking her death, abducting her child and fleeing to the United States has been granted bail.

Supporters inside the courtroom at the provincial court in Saskatoon on Friday clapped when they heard the decision released by Judge Lua Gibb.

The accused woman disappeared in late July along with her seven-year-old child. CBC News is not naming the woman due to a publication ban on information that could identify her child.

Details of Friday’s bail hearing, aside from the ruling, cannot be shared due to a publication ban.

As part of the decision, the 48-year-old woman will have to pay $10,000 and must follow strict bail conditions including a curfew and electronic monitoring.

She will be under 24-hour house arrest, with her bail supervisor needing to approve any absences, and can’t leave Saskatchewan unless she has permission from her probation officer.

The woman is not allowed to contact her former partner or her child either directly or indirectly. She is not allowed to be at her son’s school or home unless she’s granted permission to do so by the court.