Second annual walk held for Megan Gallagher in Saskatoon

Missing People Canada
2 min readSep 18, 2022


On Monday, Sept. 19, it will be exactly two years since Megan Gallagher went missing. Today, the Gallagher family and the community of Saskatoon went on the second annual walk to raise awareness.

Everyone met at the Joe Gallagher field Sunday morning to listen to guest speakers and Megan’s father Brian talk about the importance of bringing Megan home.

“Megan was a very kind and generous person, and she would be saddened by the fact that we are sad here today,” Brian said.

The walk ended at the amphitheater, where the community gathered for lunch. Shirts were also handed out to people at the event, as organizers look to spread awareness about Megan.

“This is a very emotional day and we are coming up on the anniversary of Megan going missing,” Aly Bear, the FSIN third vice chief, said.

While Megan being missing has left a lasting impact on the family, it has deeply impacted Bear as well.

“These are tragedies that are happening far too often,” Bear said. “I have two daughters who are seven and eight and it makes me scared of the world I have to raise them in and it makes me afraid we have to live in fear.”

Four people have been charged with offering an indignity to human remains, but there are still no signs of Gallagher.

“I know the journey here is not finished and the investigation is not finished,” said Saskatoon Police deputy chief Mitch Yuzdepski. “Someone knows something, and we need some closure. We need to bring Megan home.”

The Gallagher family encourages everyone to walk with them today and every day to help remember Megan and raise awareness for all missing and murdered Ingenious women.

“We need to continue to speak up,” Bear said. “We need to do more when it comes to creating safe spaces for our women and our children.”