Toronto man convicted of child abduction and luring charges sentenced to five years

A Toronto man who pleaded guilty in Stratford court to charges of child abduction, child luring and invitation to sexual touching will now spend his next five years in prison.
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When sentencing Corygon Allicock Tuesday, Justice Kathryn McKerlie described the “combination of the luring and the abduction” of his child victim as “horrific.”

“It is a statutory aggravating factor for sentencing that the victim of the offence was a child and the disparity in their ages is also an aggravating factor for sentencing,” McKerlie said while outlining her reasons for accepting a joint submission from the Crown and defence. “The planning and calculation involved is aggravating. The Crown accurately described a planned, calculated abduction of a (young child) by a 35-year-old man after inviting (them) to engage in sexual acts.

As a court order prohibits the publication of any details that may directly or indirectly identify the victim in this case, many of the facts that were read in court Tuesday cannot be shared.

The abduction took place in Perth County late last year after Allicock, posing as a 20-year-old man, began communicating with the victim online via Snapchat.

On separate occasions leading up to the abduction, the court heard the Etobicoke man messaged the victim with sexual requests and asked for videos of the victim showing their body in a sexually explicit nature.

Eventually, the victim left their family home in the middle of the night to meet Allicock, who took them by taxi to his home in Etobicoke. The victim was eventually found in Allicock’s home by Toronto police after OPP investigators traced an IP address that was linked to a smartphone application used by the victim while they were missing to communicate with a friend.




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