UPDATE: Belleville Police searching for three missing girls

UPDATE: Belleville Police say they were able to locate 17-year-old Keri McRae and her cat safe.

Police however say two other females remain missing at this time.

Fourteen-year-old Nayomee Dewal-Pounder and 16-year-old Elizabeth Lajoie (Lizzy) were last seen leaving a home on Barnett St. in Belleville sometime overnight on August 21.

The teens have not been heard from since.

UPDATE: Belleville police said Tuesday morning three teenage girls are still missing. They have updated the phone line for the public to call with information on the girls — it’s 613–966–0882 — ext 3000.

The search is on for three missing girls in Belleville.

The Belleville Police Service is currently investigating a report of three missing persons; Nayomee DEWAEL-POUNDER (age 14), Keri McRAE (age 17) and Elizabeth LAJOIE (Lizzy) (age 16).

The girls left a residence in the area of Barnett Street in Belleville sometime overnight on the 21st of August 2022, and have not been heard from since. It has been reported that Keri McRAE left the residence with a white and Brown cat.

DEWAEL-POUNDER is described as:

5’ 3”
Very Slim
Blue eyes
Shoulder-length black hair
Usually wears a black toque
Unknown clothing

McRAE is described as:

5’ 7”
Slender build
Green eyes
Pink/blonde hair, just above shoulder length
Possibly wearing white slippers
Took her cat with her
Unknown clothing

LAJOIE is described as:

5’ 5”
Medium to heavy build
Unknown eye colour
Black/blond shoulder-length hair
Unknown clothing

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of these girls is asked to contact Constable Cleary at 613–966–0882 ext: 3000 or email dcleary-porritt@bellevilleps.ca





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